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Cat and dog friendly décor.

Often enough, pets are forgotten in decorating the perfect home. So what can we do, to make our home cat and dog friendly? Here are a few awesome ideas:

Above and below is a built in dog house, enough with those Harry Potter-esque hidden rooms under staircases, we don’t use them, so? Let the dog make use of it. Plus it’s dam cute!

So the main problem with cats in your home is that they scratch the furniture, face it a cat needs to scratch, and here is the perfect solution, get them claws off the furniture and onto the walls:

Or the floors:

Or you can solve the problem of long cat hair on your furniture by getting a cat bed that works as a cat scratcher as well!

So what about those nasty looking food bowls? Personally I got my cat two silver mixing bowls from Bright water commons, cheap and it looks good with my décor. However if you have the space and money, you can do what this person did:

 And if you don’t want them in the open hide it:

Another way of hiding the pet food bowls is to do as they did below, but I’m not liking the idea that much.

Or if you are like me and can’t build anything cool like that into your home at the moment, then you can make the bowls look good and put them out of the way like so, emphasis on the nice looking food bowls here:

Hidden pet beds are all the rage at the moment, cupboards that your cat/dog can climb into etc. like below, and pet beds built into bookshelves etc.

And then you get architects that design cat friendly houses like this:


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